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Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acumoxi Cured Hemorrhoids


Dr. Xiao Yun Lu

B.C. Registered Dr. T.C.M., F.D.

Master Degree in Chinese Medicine

Former Senior Doctor at Shaanxi Chinese Medicine University Hospital

Over 20 Years?Experience in Canada and China

     Many people don't believe that Chinese herbal medicine and acumoxi can cure hemorrhoids -- they doubt this therapy. However, if you have received this therapy, you will say that it surely can. In fact, Chinese herbal medicine and acumoxi are  particularly effective against hemorrhoids.

     Here I give you two examples: Miss Wang suffered from hemorrhoids, but only one time under my treatment, her hemorrhoids were gone. Compared to her previous five unsuccessful treatments of joint ache, she never expected that her immovable hemorrhoids would be cured one-time treatment. Another is Miss Bai. One day she felt a rectal pain in her anus because of some lumps out of her anus opening. Excruciating pains made her see a family physician, but unfortunately the doctor asked her to go to a hospital for emergency treatment. At the ER, a doctor used fingers to push the lumps in, bringing unbearable pain to her. As a result, the doctor let her do the same things gently at home. As she couldn't move at home and had to wait 2-3 months to see a specialist, she went to my office for help. I treated her hemorrhoids with Chinese medicine and acupuncture only one time; then her pain reduced and the hemorrhoids became small. After about more than 10-time treatments, her hemorrhoids changed into small pieces of superfluous skin. When she saw the specialist to examine hemorrhoids, the doctor said, Nothing.? There are more of the same stories as these. Now, you may ask why Chinese herbal medicine and acumoxi can treat hemorrhoids. What are their benefits? Before I give you the answers, we need to understand more about hemorrhoids.

     Hemorrhoids are normally classified into three types: internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, and combined hemorrhoids, i.e. mix of internal hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids originate in the rectum above dentate line. If normal hemorrhoidal  veins, called hemorrhoidal plexus, in the anal area abnormally distend and twist, they will become internal hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids are near the anal opening under dentate line. They occur when hemorrhoidal plexus expand and whirl, split, or inflame continually. Combined hemorrhoids happen across dentate line when the hemorrhoidal plexus swell up and connect each other, forming an entire. Hemorrhoids bother people when they increase in size, stretching the membrane of the vein wall. The membrane becomes thin. When feces pass from the body, they rub against hemorrhoids and irrigate the increasingly flimsy membrane until it breaks and bleeds. Symptoms of internal hemorrhoids are bleeding, aching, and constipating; symptoms of external hemorrhoids are dirty anus, foreign sensation, swelling, rectal pain, and anal extravasated blood. To the combined hemorrhoids, they share the symptoms of both internal and external hemorrhoids.

       Traditional Chinese medicine explains the major formation of hemorrhoids as follows:

  1. A combination of the four factors: wind, dryness, damp, and heat.

  2. Unrestricted eating and drinking, especially excess intake of fatty, spice food, causing the wind and heat to plunge into anus.

  3. A long time sitting, walking, or a continuous travel with heavy load. These factors will trigger abnormal movement of qi and blood and the crisscross of main and collateral channels.1 As a consequence, they start hemorrhoids due to turbid substance and blood stasis pooling into anus.

  4. Heredity. Many people in your family have troublesome hemorrhoids.

  5. Lack of good-night sleeps for several days.

Only when you avoid these factors, can your hemorrhoids get cured.

      Chinese medicine therapy can drive the leading causes of wind, dryness, damp, heat, and constipation out of a patient's body. Meanwhile, acupuncture and moxibustion can solve the problem that turbid substance and blood stasis pool into anus due to abnormal movement of qi and blood and the crisscross of main and collateral channels. Further, combined treatments of Chinese medicine and acupuncture will adjust the functions of immune system, intestine, and anus. After the treatments, hemorrhoids will shrink, new hemorrhoids disappear, and old hemorrhoids turn into pieces of superfluous skin. Indeed, these natural treatments won't affect your life but recover your anus without any side effects. They prevent anal narrowness and incontinence caused by unsuccessful surgeries on people with hemorrhoids. Usually, if you receive these treatments, your hemorrhoids won't reoccur with in 10 years or more.




1     Main and collateral channels, regarded as a network of passages, through which vital energy circulates and along which the acupuncture points are distributed



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